June 7, 2020 – Leader Readings and Prayer (Justice/Racism)

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Our leader team agreed to “pause” in the middle of our value series this week so we could take time to corporately bring our nation to the Lord in prayer and be reminded through God’s Truth that he cares about the concerns we are currently facing as Americans. Listen to God’s Word and join a few Madera Church leaders in prayer as we strive to navigate our broken world together. Jesus is the hope the world is searching for, let us be the light in the midst of the darkenss.

00:00 – “Trading My Sorrows/Cambiare mi Tristeza” Led by Victor Corrales (electric guitar, bass and vocals), Eli Lopez (drums) and Ricardo Lopez (keys).

04:55 – Welcome and opening prayer – Pastor Bill 

09:00 – Scripture Reading – Bill White, Linc Brayer, and Howard Bryan

18:50 – Time of Prayer – Howard Bryan, Linc Brayer and Bill White

37:56 – Closing Comments – Pastor Bill

40:30 – “Way Maker” (by Osinachi Joseph)

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